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 On the advertising page of the website, you can order the product Online lot - "PrivatBank".

Логотип ПриватБанка

Plan order product PrivatBanka:

To order product online by clicking, pressing the - (image banner read more, see more) and putting the name, telephone check - in banners and / or inicate - order online product of PrivatBank.

Ordering products can be done not only in the Bank but also "online" via banners, widgets of the Bank and our website provides the following services of the Bank under the heading "Price PrivatBank" Privat Order the service on our website, and it would be promptly provided to You.

Founded in 1992, commercial Bank PrivatBank is the largest Bank system, one of the leading banks of Ukraine

We are open for cooperation.

PrivatBank has the largest branch network among the commercial banks of Ukraine. You can ask questions on the card to any branch, not just where You got it! The employees of all departments are welcome!

Lot banner No. 1 "Universal"cards


Kartka Universalna – Platina plastic card PrivatBank, Yak daє You mozliwosci cristobalite Yak wlasnymi Hiroshima on carts, so I kreditimi the Costa Bank. To Qiu card You mozhut pererabotat Vashi Groshi Radic, sniam ABO partners.

Credit limit

To 50 000 UAH


The limit without help

To 50 000 UAH

Grace period

Up to 55 days




Lot # 1.1 card Universal pictures

Lot banner № 2 Payments between PrivatBank accounts are free of charge and in a matter of seconds.

Every third legal entity in Ukraine has an account in PrivatBank! If You select a service in another Bank, where the number of corporate customers is much smaller Commission payments will be higher. In PrivatBank the most extensive network of branches and ATMs, and certainly they will are near Your office or home.


Lot # 3 Elite cards

PrivatBank ready to implement almost any scheme of mutual payments according to Your desire.

Payments by phone is a unique free service of Privatbank, allowing Your customers to make any payments using just a phone, not wasting time on visiting the offices.


Lot # 4 to Help just charity


Lot # 5 Bank guarantee.

Bank guarantee - a written guarantee of PrivatBank for the implementation of the monetary obligations of your client. Guarantee is issued under the corresponding provision. Comes into force from the date of its issue and closes upon expiration, if a warranty case does not occur.


Lot banner No. 6 to the pensions cheaper and more convenient in PrivatBank.


You make a retirement card for one visit to the Bank. Go to the Pension Fund is not necessary. No other Bank or Stolen mail. You don't do it so fast!


Lot banner No. 7 Payroll project from Privat.


Benefits for your company:
best cash and settlement services Payroll project from depending on Your chosen package from the credit cards of employees amounts, and cash withdrawals by check for the salary payment of the amount from UAH 50 cheque processing

the simultaneous solution of the question of salary to employees – payment of wages is made simultaneously to all members of Your extensive network

simplify the work of the accountant is supposed to send to the Bank electronic statement

optimize your work process – Your employees will not waste time standing idle in the checkout line security – You take responsibility for the transportation and storage of large amounts of cash.

improving the image and status of Your business – You will be joining advanced financial technologies.


Lot # 8 Start to get insurance right now!

PrivatBank offers protection against unforeseen circumstances that disrupt the normal rhythm of Your life.


 Lot # 9 Piggy Bank.

This Deposit + ability to accumulate by using Your card pleassssssse convenient methods of payments: receipt of the card, which can transfer as a percentage of income and Your chosen amount on Deposit;
expenses on the map, upon the occurrence of which may be paid a percentage of costs fixed amount or rounding (transfer delivery) to the contribution;
regular contributions – You choose the amount and date of contributions which will be transferred to the contribution.


Lot banner No. 10 the work of the Agent.

Benefits Agent

Who is the Agent?

It is a partner PrivatBank, which earns money by simply offering banking products.

The agent can be Easy, Profitable, Interesting.

Easy: You yourself are your work schedule, You have no plans and commitments.


Lot # 11 3G modem price revolution.


Lot banner No. 12 Map Junior from Yuniorbank.

Financial independence is one of the best aspects of adult life and to distribute the money correctly you will teach in Yuniorbank. The Junior card is your electronic wallet.


 Lot banner No. 14 Book a Car from Privat online.


Lot # 14.1 Widget Auto transport


Competent assistance from a proxy bidding.

  • Will help You to choose car

  • We will help you to arrange a test drive

  • Will assist in registration in MREO

  • Help to find the STO

  • Widget for rendering a first Deposit for a particular car which is in PrivatBank from the full value of the car.


Lot # 15 Order your subscription to the service of automatic payment of bills Regular payments online.

A regular payment is an automatic cancellation of the Bank funds in favor of enterprises with card and current accounts of clients of PrivatBank on behalf of a client without the direct presence and any action on his part.


Lot No. 16 Order Map for moms from online.

Knowing Your employment and a pleasant chores associated with the care of the baby, PrivatBank ready to commit themselves to be Your financial partner and to provide You with the most comfortable way to obtain cash and offers a unique product "Card for mom"! The card is free of charge. Issuing a Card to mom in PrivatBank, You will receive a bonus of 10 UAH.


Lot No. 17 of the insurance policy in PrivatBank.

Policy osgpo is made in just 5 minutes.
When taking out the policy in the second year. You get a 10% discount. Delivery of insurance policies happens at a convenient time and place within the city.


Lot banner No. 18 Gold Card from PrivatBank. A symbol of Your success.


  • Cards are issued in different currencies for free

  • Personal care in Gold club for 20 UAH per month

  • Percentage of the remainder - 7%

Credit limit

Up to 75 000 UAH

The limit without help

Up to 75 000 UAH

Grace period

Up to 55 days




Lot banner No. 18.1 Currency Gold

International visa GOLD - is not only a convenient payment tool. It is a sign of belonging to a particular circle of people, testimony to Your success and prosperity. PrivatBank guarantees quality personal service for clients-holders of Gold card, corresponding to Your high status and position.


Lot No. 19 Social benefits



Lot # 20 Acquiring

Connect to the service "Acquiring" with the loyalty program Bonus Plus and get 3 months of service without a Bon fee and no Commission!

Acquiring is one of the most popular banking services. More and more people prefer to pay by payment cards. Outlets that do not provide their customers a form of payment, get a lower profit.

Privat, what is necessary to you?


Lot banners No. 21 For the smartphone

These two products of the Bank.

This is a platform application for smartphones, tablets - pay for products online and in stores.

If you are a customer of the Bank and you have a smartphone, tablet.

And there is no such platform then you this product suitable Bank. The Bank will send (you an SMS with the instruction address these products).

After you enter your phone Through the banner, the widget Bank.

Install the App for two platforms from PrivatBank for Smartphone iOS Android or IPhone. Privat24 for Android. Privat24 for IPhone. For Windows Mobile.


Lot # 22 PrivatBank behind a cordon.

If you need help please contact PrivatBank in any branch of the Bank.

As well as being free of charge s mobilnogo 3700.


Lot # 1/1 Widget PrivatBank - all products for online ordering (Order for Free).

Complete a simple form
to apply to the Bank

#testSubject { background-color: #cfeace; border: 1px solid #00457b; padding: 8px; font-size: .85em; }



Lot banner No. 23 Umove product "zhitlo have a loan"from:

What is the advantage of the transaction of purchase of real estate via PrivatBank? A wide choice of mortgaging property at a lower price. The deal on the real estate registration takes place in the framework of the law. Assistance in the preparation of documents with legal support. Help BTI and notaries.

1. podatkowy of vnesok – from 25%;
2. max rows – 20 years;
3. rate for a loan:
Parvini Rinok — 17,9% rcni;
Vtorinni market — 22.9 per cent rcni.
4. godnic of prikovany komsi I placesw


Lot No. 23/1 Widget with mortgages on real Estate

Count for order Online

The property is new and B. the Property of the Bank.

Widget to render the first payment, from one or another value of the Property.

Of course you can and immediately pay the cost

Page Partner PrivatBank

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