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HPC Research (HPCR) are lightweight composite polymer cylinders that NEVER explode!

Composite gas cylinders HPC Research are manufactured by the Czech company HPC Research sro using revolutionary European technology, which has forever solved the problem of the safety of using liquefied propane-butane in gas cylinders.

Advantages of HPC Research Composite Gas Cylinder:


Lightweight - an empty cylinder weighs only 5.2 kg

Equipped with overpressure safety valve

Gas level visible

Does not rust

Innovative design

Highest quality cylinder and materials of manufacture

· Service life is not limited

European certified production

Suitable for all types of gearboxes (European gearbox, Ukrainian gearbox)

Warranty - 2 years

Supplied individually packed

· Complies with Ukrainian legislation. Certified in Ukraine

Technical characteristics of the gas cylinder HPC Research (HPCR) LPGC24G1 24.5 l:

Volume, l - 24.5

Capacity, kg

- Maximum propane capacity - 10.2

- Maximum capacity of butane - 12.2

Height, mm - 583

Diameter, mm - 310

Empty cylinder weight, kg - 5.3

Test pressure, MPa - 3 (~ 30 Atm)

Working pressure, MPa - 1.6 (~ 16 Atm)

Valve type: G.4 / G.12 to EN 15202, thread W21.8 x 1/14 "-LH with safety valve

Neck thread type: 25E, ISO 11363: 2010 (analogue of W 27.8 in accordance with GOST 9909-81, in force in Ukraine)

Warranty - 24 months

Additional characteristics:

Burst pressure: 130 atm (bar)

Working environment: UN 1011, 1075, 1965, 1969, 1968

Operating temperature range: -40 - +65 ° C
Cylinder service life, years: unlimited

Periodicity of survey: 10 years

Features of HPC Research Composite Gas Cylinders:

The only composite cylinders in Ukraine with a gas permeability of a gas-carrying liner (cylinder) comparable to a metal cylinder (no more than 3 grams / year versus 130 grams / year for other composite cylinders with a volume of 24 liters)

The only composite cylinders in Ukraine with a solid-woven liner, without welds and brazed joints

The only composite cylinders in Ukraine with a replaceable casing, which can be replaced directly at the customer's site, without the use of special equipment

The only composite cylinders in Ukraine with a recyclable and non-polluting PET liner

The only cylinders on the Ukrainian market, manufactured in the European certified production of the latest generation and approved for sale in the EU countries

HPC Research gas cylinders have European ISO and TÜV certificates, comply with directive 2010/35 / EU and ADR / RID standards, and are also certified in Ukraine, in accordance with technical regulations and norms of Ukrainian legislation.

Areas of use:

1. In everyday life - stoves, grills, stoves, heaters, etc.

2. In construction - special equipment

3. In tourism and camping

4. In heating and power engineering - autonomous group gas-cylinder installations

The design and production technology of a composite gas cylinder is such that under no circumstances is it susceptible to an explosion, be it fire, overheating, shock, refueling with gas, etc. The polymer-composite woven base of the cylinder is made in such a way that even if the cylinder hits the fire directly, its polymer material melts and forms small pores through which gas escapes, which prevents the cylinder from exploding. At the same time, the overpressure safety valve installed on the cylinder valve instantly opens when the critical pressure inside the cylinder rises above 35 atmospheres and releases excess gas, also preventing the cylinder from exploding.

With an HPC research gas composite cylinder, you can easily take full advantage of the use of LPG and ...

... Feel completely safe!

Today, when electricity is rapidly becoming more expensive, the use of cheap technical gas propane-butane is more relevant than ever!

The highest quality of HPC Research gas cylinders is your European comfort and safety!

Attention! HPC Research Composite Gas Cylinders - 24.5 L are supplied with two types of valves:

1. Article 9247 with a G.4 (Shell) valve for a reducer of the standard of the CIS countries (article 9247 LPGC24G1);

2. Article 9248 with a valve G.12 (KLF) for a Euro reducer (article 9248 LPGC24G1)

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