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      1. Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158
Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158
Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158
Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158
Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158
Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158
Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR#PS-UMP #ПЭВД158

Listning ID 428851


Pastoral Chorny of vtorinni udalosti (PS, HIPS).#HDPE 277 #276 #273 #PPR-A4 #PS-UMP #ПЭВД158

Propanone Vitorino granule pastoral adarani (UPM), vihidny material nutros of the refrigerator, cover Telesur.
Color Sri, Chorny, Blakytny, yellow, Chervoniy.
The volume 15-20t / MS.
Mozliwy pdbr colore RAL.
Packaging: MSCI to 30 kg.
Miroslav Vitorino granule pastoral. Pastoral Chorny pellets. Granulirovanii pastoral Chorny. Sales pastoral PS wiggled granules presented koloru from przodka. Sales starinnogo polistirolo PS (UPM). Prodam granule starinnogo polistirolo udalostech PS. Sell Vitorino granule pastoral udalosti PS. Prodam pastoral PS wiggled granules blogo koloru. Sales pastoral PS wiggled granules presented koloru. Sell granule pastoral PS starinnogo. Sell granulirovanii pastoral PS wholesale for virobnictva penopolistirola, virobnictva penopolisterolom plates, consumer goods, Livarna vyrobu. Vtorinni pastoral PS, Chorny granulirovanii. Vtorinni pastoral PS Sry have wiggled granules. Vtorinni pastoral PS Light-Sri have granule. Vtorinni pastoral PS Dark cry will regranulat. Vtorinni pastoral PS green granule. The volume of 20-25 m / MS. Granule net without domchek I smittya to be called a few more pass speed is cleansed. Vtorinni pastoral Rosman 3-5 mm, strand pelletizers Porsche.
Granule PPR palpable Chorna, CIPA.
- starinnogo polpropylene granulirovannogo (PP);
- ekstruzii palpable;
- little palpable.
Nadal VIN vykorystovuyutsia for vigotovlennya hotruby NSA gospodarskih products. Have Dani receptor yde plenty Rasplavy 4-8 g / 10хв. Scho vypuskaetsya our company PP pidhodit to the issue knezevo plastikowe products Yak method extras, so I by the method of Litta pid tisk.
PP pererost when temperature 200-280 ° C. Tisk of becoming Litta 800-1400 kg / cm2
Perevahy have granuli polpropylene:
- high Teploseti; - prescinct in organic Noah. - sticksthe to vplive acids I luhv. - dielectric wlasciwosci. Chi does not conduct elektricni strum hi for yakih minds; - sticksthe to bakatonosama vigina I udaru.
Vtorinni polpropylene PP Ball. granule polpropylene PP 21030, 02060, 02090 for lita. Litni polpropylene PP (pellet). granule PP W battery. Akumulatori polpropylene PP. PP granule (PP) accumulator. Udalosti polpropylene (PP). Morozoni polpropylene (PP). Block copolymers proplene PP vtorinni. granule starinnogo blockcopolymers proplene PP. Vtorinni granule PP unit. Granule PP 02090. Vtorinni PP Ball 02120. Granule PP vtorenko. Litni granulate (PP). Litni polpropylene (PP). Granulate starinnogo polpropylene (PP). Palpable. Polpropylene of vtorinni. Sales little I extrusio polpropylene have granule.
Propanone Vitorino granule HDPE 276 (vidna sirovina HDPE bottle Bily)
Virobniche pdprimstvo postijno propane polietilen nizkogo Cisco vidoni.
Vihidny material: HDPE bottle, HDPE kantra.The basic characteristics Torino have granuli HDPE: MFR of 1.7 g / 10хв. Rosmer have granule 4 mm. the Volume of 40 tons / MS. Color green, Chervoniy, Bily, yellow, blue, Chorny, Blakytny, Klatovy, cherry, coricnevy, followi. The volume of 10-30 t / MS.
For virobnictva: Widowski, Litta, extrude Tovstik plok (from 50 mcron), packets, tubes.
Corin practice parade clam have virobnictvo wyrobu W granuli PND: Dwellers of dodati glance in knezevi verb - dodati to 10% stretch. Dwellers zmenshiti plenty - dodati 153 158 LDPE or LDPE.
Also proponam Vitorino granule, Yak vykorystovuyutsia for vigotovlennya pipes of polietylenowych. TSE analogue of PE-100, PE-80, PE-63. Our pdprimstvo ready to postavljati of Obagi up to 100 tons on misyats. Color raw Mauger Buti Chorny I umowna Sri. In addition, the mi gotov zaproponowali I INSHI recapture s rsement pokajnica polietileno nizkogo I high tisku:
pipe composition PEUT 80% PEND 20%
- trubni polietilen PEUT 60% IPA 40%
- regranulat pipe PE-100 (clean PEND)
There is already color Mauger Buti Bily, blue, yellow, green, Chervoniy, Sri, Blakytny, followi, coricnevy, cherry, Klatovy, Chorny. Delivery ydut obsahom 30-40 tons on misyats.
Kupujte we polpropylene of vtorinni little granulirovanii, ekstruzii (PP, PP).
Granula PEUT analogue 15803-LDPE 1 grade
Pdprimstvo TOV Polimers realty Vitorino granule to polietileno high Tesco PEUT LDPE, analogue 158-03 Kazan. Color of prosiri. Vtorinni granule LDPE fastica in MSCI 25-30 kg.

(067)5914939, (097)4143954
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