OSBB debt collection
OSBB debt collection
OSBB debt collection
OSBB debt collection

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Lawyer Online Ukraine.
The Chairman of the OSBB. Services of a lawyer.

The recovery of a debt from the owners OSBB in court.
Recovery of debts from members of OSBB before the court.
Consultations by phone in Viber, Skype E-mail.

tel 099-03-09-488
Mode of operation: from 09:00 to 21:00.
SMS any time of the day
Civil contract.

Legal aid you get there, and where it's convenient for You!

Your city. The entire territory of Ukraine. Region doesn't matter.

"Digitalization is not only a compound word. It's a very ..., convenient, simple and clear. The state must be for a person just service. Convenient and most importantly simple and straightforward."
Be conscious. Work from home. Do not breathe coronaviruses.
Harness the power of digital technology progress.

You will receive legal advice to protect Your rights without leaving home: on the phone; skype; Viber e-mail. Communication with a lawyer at your convenient time at no additional charge.

For your convenience, consultations and legal services are provided through mobile telephone and Internet (E-mail).

Now you don't have to sign up to spend time on travel, the risk of Contracting the virus to get an appointment to see a lawyer.

No offices, nowhere to go don't need, solve a problem without leaving the couch. There is now not only mobile banking (cashless card payments), and electronic proceedings, remote trials, the program "State of the smartphone". Offices die, all lawyers on the Internet.
Guarantee of independence, impartiality, confidentiality – a Lawyer online Ukraine!
The anonymity of the client. I clearly don't need to know your name and from where you are.

Get a consultation now !!!
tel 099-03-09-488

100% Guarantee – you will not be able to infection coronaviruses!

This Guarantee does not give not a single lawyer in your city!

1. Claim-notification to the debtors OSBB.

2. The instruction about the order of presentation of the claim.

Proof of notification in court.

The receipt of waiver signature.

Notice not residing absent.

3. An application to the court for recovery of debt without

call and presence in court.

4. The statement of claim about debt recovery OSBB

5. The application to the court for issuance of a writ to recover.

6. Legislative, regulatory justification of the right to foreclose, the obligation of a timely payment. The list of legislative acts with the text of the documents.

7. The application to the state Executive service

on opening of Executive production.

8. Step-by-step work plan for recovery.

The stages of the path to recover. Manual.

9. The instruction on the procedure of notifying the debtor about the debt amount over the phone without a written complaint taken to court.

10. Requisites for payment of court fees from Your court

("State duty", "Information technology expenditure of the court").

11. Check Your E-mail on the State portal "Sudova Vlad." To receive E-mail legal documents of the judge in the case immediately after their issuance.

SMS of the agenda, notification of date and time of the court hearing on Your phone.

You need the list of documents Supplement to a claim (DATADOC, scanned or photo copy) by E-mail or Viber. The list will be reported.

The price of the service:

- up to 5 debtors 1000 UAH;

from 6 and more controlled production times, legal support,

legal consultation prior to court decision –Negotiable.


After this, You will no longer need the services of lawyers and legal assistance on debt collection with the rest of OSBB.

In many cases, the amount of debt paid voluntarily wakes up before the court. (S. M. court costs from the debtor: 3% per annum, inflation, court. collection, legal assistance, etc. documented expenses associated with going to court).

By analogy, You can recover yourself without a lawyer than it will save on litigation costs for legal assistance.

You don't have to search a lawyer's offices of the city, you will learn everything on the phone, making one call, regardless of Your location.

Legal aid you get there, and where it's convenient for You!

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