Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)
Larval Jelly (Homogenate)

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Drone milk is one of the most valuable products of beekeeping. It is called a drone larval homogenate or milk. It is a viscous liquid having a yellowish mustard color and a pleasant smell. This product has an exceptional composition, which includes a huge number of healthy substances — vitamins, fats, trace elements, amino acids, proteins, enzymes and even hormones progesterone and testosterone are of natural origin. Thanks to this unique composition, milk has long been widespread in the treatment of various diseases. But it is most effective in the treatment of disorders of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, sexual dysfunction and infertility. In addition, drone milk has a positive effect on:

blood pressure, normalizing it;

the circulatory system, reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and improving blood circulation;

the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to viruses, fungi and infections;

vitality, increasing alertness and energy, as well as stimulating and rejuvenating the body inside and outside;

the hormonal system, restoring the balance of hormones in the body;

metabolic processes in the body, activating and improving them;

quickly strengthens the body, which is essential after heavy operations and in the recovery period after a long illness;

increases adaptogenic abilities of a person, which is extremely important in the conditions in which the lives of modern man: stress, nervous and physical stress, responsibility, increased activity and changing conditions, lack of rest — all of this undermines the male body.

Drone milk is a product that is equally useful for both adolescents and young men, and adults and the elderly, since the ability to solve many health problems and strengthen the body. In addition, the product has almost no contraindications, however, is not suitable for people who have allergies to bee products. You need to refrain from treatment means and in diseases of the adrenal glands, infectious diseases in the stages of exacerbation.

Properties and applications:

Vitamin D homogenate surpasses even fish oil.

Larval jelly has powerful healing and rejuvenating effect. It can be adopted by all without exception.

This is a very strong drug, saturated with hormones and vitamins that are not gormonozawisimami, effective in the treatment of endocrine system and hormonal background.

Available drone homogenate have long appreciated in many countries of the world. He is especially revered in Japan, China, and Romania.

Drone milk is 50% consists of the same components and masterbatch, but the remaining 50% of substances have unique properties and give the finished product a unique quality.

Trutnev natural milk it is possible to do different mixes and balms, ointments, mixing with honey, pollen, propolis, etc. and use in various diseases. First and foremost, the product is useful for proper metabolism, nutrition of tissues and organs. Helps to reduce high blood pressure through regulation of blood vessel tone and level of circulation and reduces the cholesterol level in the blood.

The use of drone milk for the reproductive system in men

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits that brings homogenate for the reproductive system in men regardless of age. Of particular use in this field is as follows:

Increased activity of the sperm Homogenate improves the process of producing sperm. This is due to its beneficial effect on the endocrine system and sex cells.

The product improves the quality of sperm in men with various deviations from the norm. The milk has a positive effect on sperm, increasing their activity, and mobility. And also increases the number of healthy sperm is able to fertilize the egg, and even improves their morphology (structure).

Milk restores the reproductive function of men, solving the problem of infertility. It is known that about 50% of couples do not have children because of health problems in men. Available drone homogenate effectively solves this problem.

The product activates the recovery process in the prostate gland and testes that promotes intensive development of male sex hormones.

Increases the amount of produced semen, which also increases the chances of men to conceive a child.

The lotion cure prostate disease (e.g., adenoma), which is very important for men aged 40 years and above.

Enhances potency and libido.

The homogenate is recognized as a male antidepressant that has proven its effectiveness.

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