Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly
Bee Royal Jelly

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The power of the uterine milk is an adjustment to the immune system of the body to such a level that he can cope with ailments himself. Royal jelly has been successful in stagnating for the prevention of the most common diseases of the disease in the United States.

To overreach all the overwhelms of a given natural product is uncomfortable. Moreover, because of the skin rock, the zvdyaky of the young pre-sluggishness, the power of royal jelly grows more and more. For example, it has been revealed that the royal jelly is good for stopping the disease.

- Royal jelly is not balanced by the addition of microelements from all types of biological stimulants.

Itself the zavdyakov such a warehouse of components, wonders of vinyatkovy dominant powers. Before the storehouse of royal jelly, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) should be included in the amount of 230-240 μg / g, which does not provide information on the back of the organism, but also gives the effect of rejuvenating the body, producing regenerative tissue during the aging process.

- Bdzholina royal jelly I will dye the trophy of fabric.

- Activating enzymatic exchange, dyeing fabrics.

- Chi zbudzhu is a parasympathetic visualization of the nervous system, an increased amount of adrenaline.

- I will paint the body of the central and peripheral nervous systems, I will paint the absorption of glucose by the brain, sourness and activity of ATPase.

- Normalizes arterial vise, storage of blood, functions of the cystic brain, increased synthesis of blood. Lіkuп without prospect and empowerment.

- Stimulates the activity of measles of supra-nirkovy zalosis.

- Bdzholine royal jelly will spryaє zyattyu, I will reduce sleep, appetite, memory and praise.

- Tse, mabut, one of the most effective methods of reducing memory loss, especially with atherosclerosis.

- The product will improve the body's ability to become infectious, increase the vital tone, increase self-respect, increase lactation, and increase the heart's activity.

- I will also apply royal jelly to the robot etching organs, to the robotic organs to the blood circulation, to the regenerative processes in the cornea, stimulating the growth of the baby, to overwhelm the aging process.

- Dose 10 mg / kg. I will paint the blood warehouse and indicators of the central nervous system.

- I will paint with royal jelly the proteant of the exchange processes in the organism, especially in the old one. Znizhu rivn zukru in blood.

- Self-sterilizing royal jelly and dingyuche on hemorrhagic staphylococcus, Siberian virazka, common typhus, dysentery.

- Due to the neurotransmitter activity, it improves blood circulation in the brain and spinal cord.

- Paints for the rehabilitation of myocardial infarction.

- Royal jelly neutralizes vilny radicals, which includes them in the complex for the treatment of malignant fluff, for example, a dose of royal jelly of 300 - 500 mg per day injected onto the DNA of fluffy cells (the lesser dose is not effective).

- The product relaxes smooth muscles, is known for bronchial spasms, a small dose will help the robot heart.

- I will shrink the camp before the midnight burrow, the level of the protester will increase.

- Promoting the development of important metals, stimulating the development of cyst tissue, which is important in traumatology.

Ale on the whole list of ailments, as it is possible to seek help from royal jelly, it will not end, but only to fix it.

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