Dnipro (Dnipropetrovs'k)
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Taxi truck in the river 225 грн.
Trucking services on the Dnieper river and region. A large fleet of vehicles. Working seven days a week.
Transportation of furniture. We were planning to move 200 грн.
Transportation of furniture – let moving professionals
The trip to Lviv BUS Dnepr -Lviv-Dnipro. Take The Parcel
Travel by bus the Dnieper to Poland. Will help with jobs and housing.
Bus passengers Dnepr — Crimea – Dnepr. Schedule, Price, Package.
Wyposazona( Gazelle ZIL, KAMAZ). Pluginsmanager. Services Grosch 650 грн.
Wyposazona( Gazelle ZIL, KAMAZ). Pluginsmanager. Services of loaders.
Shipping - Export ZIL, KAMAZ, Gazelle, Excavator, Loaders 650 грн.
Delivery of construction materials, waste disposal machines, 5T. ZIL, KAMAZ 10t., Gazelle - Duet 1.5 t loading Services, Excavator.
Cheap passenger transport in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and CIS countries.
Transportation of furniture, equipment, building materials, garbage collection, loading our porters. Gazelle-Duet, cargo, 5 seats, awning
Room moving, delivery of equipment, furniture etc. Gazelle 150 грн.
Room moving, moving company, removal of debris + CONV. movers. It features a side by tilted Gazelle, ZIL, KAMAZ, Excavator.
Excavator Boreks, KAMAZ,ZIL, Gazelle-Duet, Porters 350 грн.
Excavat.-Bor., KAMAZ, ZIL, Gazelle-Duet. Movers. Dismantling of buildings, removal, digging of pits, trenches ( rear bucket 70cm, 30cm.). Export mu
Services Gazelle Dnipropetrovsk 120 грн.
cargo transportation a Gazelle movers Dnepropetrovsk
Services ZIL, KAMAZ, Gazelle-Duet, Excavator Boreks 500 грн.
Services provided by ZIL, KAMAZ, Gazelle-Duet, Excavator Boreks. Movers.
Sand, Gravel. Garbage Dnepropetrovsk. Excavator services 1 200 грн.
Delivery of construction materials. Removal and disposal of debris. Excavator services
passenger and freight transport, taxi, carriage, passenger transport, passenger transportation, cargo transportation, cargo transportation, transport
Garbage removal Gazelle, ZIL, KAMAZ will provide the services of movers. Will deliver building materials.
Kryvy Poh - Kpakov minibuses and buses KrivbassPoland
Krivoy Poh - Wpoclaw minibuses and buses KrivbassPoland

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